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Bohemian Craft is typically involved in the whole process from the beginning albeit sometimes the role starts in later stages, typically after the design is approved and the solution only awaits its production and installation.

Bohemian Craft is closely cooperating with the leading architects and interior designers who are responsible for the artistic part of the job. We use our creativity and years of experience to consult during the process and the craftmanship to actually make the final solution happen.

1. Case study

Very important initial phase focused on identifying the key needs and expectations of the client. A fully comprehensive approach is taken using our experience to determine those crucial factors.

Consultancy and measurements – close on-site cooperation is an absolute key as the ideas sometimes tend to confront the reality and our clients are expecting perfect bespoke solutions.

2. Feasability study and drawing approval

The last stage prior the actual realisation phase, final touch to the drawings and handing over to the production in the Czech Republic.

3. Production

Using our own premises and specialised partners from various complementary fields (locksmiths, LED specialists, glassmakers, plumbers, electricians, stonemasons etc.) is a guarantee of continuous information sharing and quality assurance.

4. Installation

Our London based team of CSCS certified carpenters with skills in all other related fields (such as plumbing or electricity) install the finished product. We are making sure that any potential challenges and unexpected situations or changes are dealt with in the most professional way. We know how difficult it is at times when building a new home that just needs to be perfect and our team is making sure the amount of stress moving to the direction of the client is minimized.

5. Aftercare

Handing the project over is never the end of the story for us. Improvements, refreshments and consultancy are all part of our philosophy of being related to what we have helped to create