What is the story of the company?

The core of Bohemian Craft was being established from 2013 when the founder Mr. Zwrtek came to London as a subcontractor of Czech flooring producers. Gradually more and more projects were being done and in 2015 Mr. Horak joined the company with a vision to create an independent London based high-end service & project management company for the most daring of projects. Since then Bohemian Craft has firmly established itself internationally, bonds with producers were tightened and more and more proud Czech craftsmen join the company.

Why “Bohemian”?

Oxford dictionary defines Bohemian as:

  1. A native or inhabitant of Bohemia (Czechia)
  2. A socially unconventional person, especially one who is involved in the arts.

Bohemian Craft represents both these definitions combined.

Why is the HQ in London?

Because London is fun and appreciates attention to detail and craftmanship.

Does BC also work internationally?

Yes – the more exotic the better. We have installed within whole European Union and even beyond its borders – Egypt, Maldives or Ghana.

Sustainability and environment protection

Is all the wood sourced only from certified suppliers?

All our oak is sourced from the Bohemian woodlands. Due to the historical development, most of the woodlands in the country are state owned and the government imposed the strictest environmental criteria within the EU – stricter than the international FSC standards.

More trees are being planted in Czechia than chopped down every year and more and more acres are being left totally unmanaged. The Czech people are also quite proud of the fact that even the private forests are open to general public without limitations.


Does BC supply only solid flooring or is engineered also an option?

Solid oak is our traditional way but given the use of underfloor heating systems in a majority of our projects all products are available in engineered alternative as well. Out of 20mm thickness at least 5mm needs to be solid though for a floor to be called Bohemian.

Does BC also provide installation services?

Yes, Bohemian Craft provides a full package. We also cooperate with other flooring producers in a subcontracting role providing project management and installation of their flooring.

What is it that makes Bohemian Flooring so special?

Bohemian Flooring is hand-made and manually distressed. There are little imperfections on the boards done my little stones which make the flooring unique. The distressing is most significantly represented on the edges that are never completely flush and there is no machine-made bevel.

Its those little imperfections together with the beauty of oak grain which is different on each board that result in everlasting beauty of this organic material.

The flooring is also treated with special grey anti-oxidant that helps preventing the flooring from turning yellow over time and also constitutes the base of our unique shade collection.

Why has oak the tendency to turn yellow over time?

When one cuts himself, the blood starts to oxidise immediately, the same applies for the wood. Once the log is cut into planks these processes start along with drying. The chemical reaction between oxygen and the tannin acid result in the optical change of colour over time.

Therefore, properly untreated oak flooring always turns yellow within a couple of years.

The use of grey anti-oxidation agent helps to slow these processes down and makes the Bohemian finishes more stable and durable.

What is the proper subfloor for such flooring and can BC take care of that?

Generally speaking the flooring can only be so good as the subfloor beneath it. Oak flooring can be installed on concrete, anhydride, most types of screeds or plywood subfloor.

Bohemian Craft is proud to inspect every subfloor before installation to check the evenness, structure and humidity. All works regarding subfloor preparation including joists exchange, screed application, priming, or plywood sandwich laying can be provided by our skilled team as well.

What are the general technical requirements for flooring installation?

Relative air humidity 40-60%

Air temperature 18 – 24°C

Evenness within 2mm over 3000mm length

All structural works as well as all wet works need to be finished prior to installation start

Is BC limited to oak only?

No, oak represents 80% of our work but we have installed other kinds such as teak, walnut, ash tree or pine also. Each kind is a bit specific mainly when it comes surface treatment but Bohemian carpenters know how to use these differences for the best possible final result.

Can BC provide bespoke solutions?

Sky is the limit.